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When dealing with Business Process Management and Information Retrieval, the following aspects are only some of many more that should be covered:

Document Management, Reports, Workflow, Access Control, Payments, Budgets, Virtual Approval.

The [N]EWTON software was designed and implemented to maintain information on a large number of legal entities, organized in groups (projects) to gather all related information. The web-based system works on almost any device, from PC over tablets to smartphones.


  • Easy and convenient access to all relevant information
  • Full workflows for Invoice Approval and Payment Processes
  • Document management and retrieval
  • Management of domestic and international compliances
  • Host-2-host connection with the Connexis banking platform (outflow: payments, inflow: account statements, balances)
  • Cash books and cash flow calculation (VAS)
  • –Get an overview of associated entities, investments, financing and cash flow
  • –Establish Preapproval Responsible rules (for VAS)
  • –Retrieve documents and follow changes on any level
  • –Get an overview of
    • Address of Shareholder/ Shares or Debt Tranches
    • Bank accounts and manage Signatory rules, Balances and Cash Books
    • Compliances on domestic and international level: Corporate, Tax and CTB, FATCA & CRS
  • –Retrieve documents and follow changes on any level
  • Manage
    • Responsibilities: Governing Body, Signatory power rules, Corporate & Operating Service Providers
    • ICO (Intercompany recharges): Sublease, Services and Transaction
    • Payables: Invoices, Scheduled Payments

Get an overview of all contact information and manage them in groups and functional units

  • Manage compliances, payables and documents
  • Create Payables/VAT exports for accounting uploads
  • Use various predefined queries or create your own
  • Exchange contacts function
  • Create various To-Do lists
  • Overview of all Countries, Currencies and Exchange rates (automatic daily import of ECB exchange rates)

Have quick access on essential functions depending on user type/responsibility like:

  • Invoice:
    • approval tasks/report
    • Split invoices option
  • Document verification tasks
  • Cascading intercompany transfer creation
  • Compliance tasks
  • Directors only
  • Cash book; cash reconciliation tasks
  • Cash balance report
  • Individual To-Dos
  • Meeting Room reservation system
  • Proxies
  • –VAT
  • –Different payment types:
    • –Connexis
    • –FX Trades
    • –Wire transfer
    • –SWIFT (under construction)
  • –Administration Tools
  • –Queries: use predefined queries or define your own
  • CRON Jobs (Scheduled Tasks)
  • HR System